These are our values – and we’re sticking to them!

We have been looking at Values for The Red Shed and with input from our participants and volunteers. Values for an organisation are ‘the fundamental beliefs and principles that guide the work you do and the way you do it. ‘Values illustrate the culture and help promote cohesion and cooperation among your team’.

For us, our values set out The Red Shed Way – so that everyone who conects with us can tell what kind of an organisation we are.

So….using ideas and feedback we have chosen Support, Trust, Inclusion, Community and Kindness. Our team of volunteers, staff and trustees regularly demonstrate these values and we will aim to ensure that The Red Shed keeps these values front and center in everything we do.

Our values will now be proudly exhibited in our garden as well as on leaflets, the website and any other oppotunity.

The fact that they provide the acronym STICK was just serendipity!!