A big thank you……

We have received an amazing email from a supporter. He has arranged to send us a monthly donation of £1000 – actually amazing doesn’t quite cover how we feel just now!

Hi! Su, congratulations on launching THE RED SHED PROJECT as an 85 year old seeing the needs of many of my contemporaries that are not catered for in the current system your new set up is an incredibly welcome addition and I wish you a Bon Voyage ,
To give  THE RED SHED PROJECT a push off I have opened a monthly standing order for £1000 and a big WELL DONE ,Wishing THE RED SHED PROJECT a great passage       BMB

Could this be home?

After a chance meeting with an old friend we have found our new home.  The site is an over grown and neglected corner of a primary school playing field.  The area has previously been used for an after school garden club and is the perfect size.  We love the idea of being based in a school and are excited about the possibilities this opens up for doing some inter-generational gardening.  There’s been some recent research around young children visiting care homes with some really positive results.  The school will be able to use the site to benefit their pupils and we’re looking forward to exploring the partnership opportunities.

Better go shed shopping!

Launching The Red Shed

Today is our first day.

There is a lot to do that doesn’t involve gardening when you are setting up a project so it’s going to be paperwork and phone calls for a while.  Top of the list is to find some land where we can launch The Red Shed garden group.  We have 4 members of the group already and hope to grow this and be able to offer a few hours of gardening each week for those affected by dementia and their home carers.   What’s brilliant about gardening is that the tasks can be tailored to suit any abilities.  So whether it’s some simple seed sowing while seated or some serious digging – everyone can get involved.  Our experience is that the carers not only enjoy the gardening but also the mutual support and understanding of others in the group.  We recognise the difficulties in being a carer at home and one of our plans is to provide a service for carers only…….one of so very many plans – and it’s just our first day! – we’d better get started…..

Back to the paperwork!