Hot Hot Hot

What a month! We have experienced record breaking hot weather and an acute lack of rainfall.

The Red Shed garden has suffered and even with copious watering we have lost some of our plants and the vegetables are poor.

It’s not only the fuana that suffer but our participants have as well. It’s been a god send to have the extra space we developed last year as this has provided welcome and necessary shade for our garden clubs.

We did have to succumb on the 15th August when there was a red weather warning and we took the decision that people would be safer at home.

Dementia can effect the way you body reacts to temperature. It may stop you feeling hot or cold or simply not recognise a, possibly dangerous, change in your body temperature. If you don’t know that you’re hot you may well make poor decisions about clothing, seeking shade or taking on fluids. All of these can become real issues if they are not reacted to appropriately.

Medications can also cause the body to react differently to temperature so it’s important not to second guess anyone who is living with dementia – you may need to react for them.