The Shed arrives!

We have come a long way since June. We have been making some really good links with other locally based organisations who support those with dementia and we have been delivering workshops around the county. However, we still need to develope our own space. This is going to need funds, time and muscle!
We have set up a Local Giving account which means we can collect donations on line – check our the Donation button on our Home Page. Gift Aid can also be added where applicable which means extra funding from HMRC.
That’s another box ticked from our to do list, but today’s real celebration was the arrival of our tool shed – painted red of course!
Perhaps because it is a tangible start to our own garden, perhaps it is because we can clear all the bits and bobs gathering in our own homes and store them on site or perhaps, it’s because we just love a good shed! Whatever the reason, this little achievement feels like the best one so far.