Christmas Fayre

We had a stall at the St Vincent’s Christmas Fair today.  It was great fun.  For sale, we decorated some pots and planted them with Cacti, Herbs and Sedums.  We also took along our bespoke The Red Shed Project notice board to provide information about us.  Our main aim for the afternoon was to get involved in our immediate community and to meet with staff, parents and students at the School.  We felt like this aim was met as we were warmly welcomed by everyone and had a lot of fun.  Our secondary aim was to cover our costs and again this was achieved and we ended up a stunning £3.20 in profit!  Thankfully we are not planning on becoming a retail organisation any time soon!! 

However, as any good organisation should…..we review and learn.  We can now look forward to the Summer Fair with a better understanding that our main customer will be under 12 and the ‘Hot Buy’ will not be aromatic Herbs or stunning Sedum but the prickliest, hairiest and weirdest looking Cacti!  As for the remaining plants, they already have a home on our new garden.  The Herbs will be really useful for sensory activities.  We will use the Sedum in activities too, they are great for propagation projects and making amazing living displays.  Finally those Cacti – well with some TLC they will just get to be BIG prickly, hairy and weird and will make a return on our Summer Fair stall.