Autumn Lanterns with Hertswise (North)

What do you get if you iron some leaves, add lots of glue and some grease proof paper? Amazing Autumn Lanterns of course!

We had a great time today with a large group (17 in all!) at Hertswise in Letchworth.  They all got really creative and transformed the grease proof with wonderful leaf patterns.  Now it’s dark they will use the battery tea lights to give a room an autumn glow.

We love working with this group.  They have been meeting regularly for a while and have got to know each other and really engage and enjoy the workshops.  We’re looking forward to visiting again in December for a Christmas Wreath bonanza.

….oh yes – you iron the leaves between sheets of kitchen paper to take out some of the moisture but keep the leaves nice and bendy for sticking…..just in case you were wondering!